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“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”

“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”

Oscar Wilde

Oscar was an original – a witty, accomplished writer and playwright. He was an iconic brand, never mistaken for anyone else. Here are five reasons why your company needs and deserves the Oscar treatment:

Original Spin

Despite the word ‘brand’, no one should ever aspire to be simply one of the herd. You should be out in front, leading that herd, setting standards that make people talk about you for all the right reasons. If you are shiny and new, launching a novice brand can be daunting but invariably, it’s a challenge that should get the adrenaline pumping. Who am I? What makes me special? You need someone to do the solid groundwork. If you are already up and running but need help, you need clear-headed advice on what may have slipped or needs reinvigorating.

Can’t See For Looking

A mirror is a beautiful thing, but staring into your reflection too long may turn you into the mythical pining Narcissus, but it will not give you the impartial distance you need to truly ‘see’ your brand. For example, is the company name strong and original enough, how sharp and distinctive is your logo, your typography, your imagery? Do people find your website bold and easy to navigate or do they flee to competitors in frustration? Remember that the choices you make, the imagery that represents you, will be on your stationery and brochures, an all-encompassing statement of ‘you’. Make the face you present to the world the best it can be.

Where Do I Belong?

Do you know where you are with your company, where you originally aimed to be and where you should be? Strength of position and longevity in brand positioning do not simply happen, no matter how successful companies may make it look effortless. A great deal of work and strategy goes in achieving that position. In a world of butterfly minds and ever-changing tastes and interests, you need to keep people enticed and loyal with inspiring design, a product they must have. Having support and advice takes some of the strain out of a daunting world of putting on events to showcase your brand, or navigating PR and marketing in the mercurial world of social media.

Creativity is The Key That Opens Every Door

Whatever business you find yourself in, constant creativity will always be the best way to build a brand. You need a team around you who truly listen, who are intellectually astute and can think outside the box. Great minds do not think alike, or at least not at first – they can develop interesting angles that you may never have considered, looking at your business as a whole. Taking a holistic approach to your company is an intelligent and lasting strategy, with strategy being the key to life, relationships and ultimate success. A great branding agency can operate across all business sectors, delivering the highest standards within the art and science of brand development.

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