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Iconic Branding Agency

Iconic Brand is a London-based, full-service branding agency. We help companies successfully navigate launching an exciting new brand, or develop, reinvigorate and grow an existing one. We operate across all business sectors, delivering the highest standards within the art and science of brand development.

As a brand agency our mission is to build great brands for our clients; brands that generate customer loyalty, command premium prices and flex with market fluctuations in order to increase corporate value.

How does our branding agency achieve consistently strong results for our clients?

First, we implement a thorough approach to brand strategy: utilising insight, intellect and strong creative thinking. This is the proven way to best determine brand positioning. We then define and articulate that optimal positioning through exciting messaging and inspiring design. Ultimately, our goal is to deliver effective brand communications that resonate and motivate target customers into becoming loyal and valuable brand advocates.

Iconic Work

What we do

Based in London, Iconic Brand Agency has national and international reach. We offer clients a full range of brand services, consistently providing a holistic approach to brand management and communications.

Primarily, listening to our clients is the most important criteria. Not simply listening – but listening well and in depth. We seek to understand the role of a brand within an organisation and its marketplace before we can help to grow and sustain that business. A brand is predominantly a financial asset of any business and therefore we aim to identify the key drivers of brand value before we can seek to influence, control and ultimately measure those drivers through powerful brand communications’ activity.

Clients come to us for a variety of reasons: to re-brand; launch a new brand; design new brand collateral, to launch a brand communications’ plan. We bring energy and experience to any challenges thrown at us, alongside creative flair and strategic insight. The outcome? Effective results that add tangible commercial value.

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