Brand Communication

Make sure your brand message lands perfectly with your target audience

Brilliant brand communications connect with the right audience at the right time with the right message – all while staying aligned with your overall brand strategy. Discover how to make a deep connection with your customers and other stakeholders that flows across your entire brand.

Create a distinctive voice that helps your business stand out in the marketplace, communicates the benefits of your products and services, and converts potential customers into buyers

Why work with us?


Brand communications that generate sales

It’s not enough to have good products and services. To consistently generate sales, you need to communicate their benefits to your target audiences in a way that makes buying from you a no-brainer.

Great brand communications will help you cut through the noise of the marketplace with a consistent, clear and confident message.


A voice that reaches everyone who matters to your business

Your audience goes beyond consumer or trade buyers. Your brand communications also need to resonate with other stakeholders such as your employees, shareholders, government bodies and community groups. Get them on board and they could be your biggest brand ambassadors!

And let’s not forget about your existing customers. Get your brand communications right and it will reassure them that they made the right decision to buy from you, reinforcing their brand choice.


The Iconic difference

We use brand insight, taken from customer feedback, to build marketing communications that dig deep into the psyche, connecting with your customers, even at the most complex level.

We will help you to develop the shorthand for why your brand stands out by crafting the right brand communications messages and ensuring optimal positioning. We’ll also add the sparkle to your communications that is the secret ingredient for driving sales demand.

Iconic brand communications services

Whatever your brand communications needs, we can help. As well as the services listed below, we can support you with sales, how your products are physically presented (price, packaging and labelling should all reflect your comms strategy) or even word-of-mouth. There isn’t a one-size-fits all so we’re happy to have a chat with you about your communications challenges:


From media planning and buying to designing and crafting advertising messages across all media, we can help you to create iconic advertising that keeps your business front of mind. We do this through creative know-how, vision, and a deep understanding of what makes your target market tick.

Public relations & social media

PR and social media are the ideal tools to make potential customers aware of your brand and ensure it makes a great first impression (both factors that influence people to buy).

Whether it’s a PR stunt that enables your brand to capitalise on a topical opportunities or a powerful brand story well told and retold through social media and the press, we can help. We aim to attract influencers and gather followers to help your brand stand out from the crowd and gain a clear competitive advantage.

Digital communications

With so many different forms of digital communication, each require a different approach, we understand if you’re finding digital communications daunting.

Now you’re able to relax – we will help you align your brand’s messaging to connect effectively and seamlessly with customers, employees, partners and other stakeholders. We can also help you pinpoint the most effective digital communications channels for your business. It’s not about being everywhere – it’s about being where you will reach your audience.

We plan, design, copy write and programme effective digital communications, including email marketing, blogs, digital advertising and social media posts.

Direct marketing

The success of selling products and customers directly to customers is too important to be left to chance. We help you compile the right data to run direct marketing campaigns that convert into sales. You’ll understand buying behaviour, factors that influence perceptions and the preferences of different types of buyers. We’ll also work with you to design and craft direct marketing messages that resonate with your audience.

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