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Helping you unlock the power and potential of your brand

Your brand is one of your most valuable assets. Get it right and your business will stand out from competitors in the marketplace, as well as giving you a clear place from which to make decisions and grow. Better yet, a clear brand strategy will help you connect with customers and turn them into raving fans.

We help you make an emotional connection with your customers, building trust, value and loyalty through a clear and consistent brand

Why work with us?


A strong brand strategy that reflects your business identity and purpose

We’ll help you build a brilliant brand strategy that’s rooted in behavioural science and customer insights. Working closely with you, we’ll build up a clear picture of how your brand is performing now in the marketplace and against your competitors, as well as how it’s perceived by your existing and potential customers.

Using this information, we’ll then take a deep dive into understanding your audience, identifying your most valuable customers and helping you hone your brand identity and strategy for the future.


Tap into your brand story

A successful brand is about more than manuals, style guides or mission statements. It begins from the inside out with the story of why your business exists and understanding why this matters to your target customers.

Get clear on your why and that all-important brand story and it will give you the foundation on which to build a strong brand identity, proposition and strategy.

In turn, this will boost your competitive edge, help you tap into new markets and enable your business to grow.


Capture the hearts and minds of your customers

Truly iconic brands create an emotional connection with their customers. We can help you to achieve this with your brand.

Having a strong brand strategy helps everyone in an organisation believe in the business and live by its values. Customers pick up on this authenticity and gain confidence that your brand is the best fit for them.

We’ll help you know and deliver what your customers want, as well as measuring and improving the quality of the service or product being delivered and advising you on how to position your brand moving forward.


A clear plan for the future

We’ll help you identify what makes your brand different, how to stand out and stand for something too.

You’ll get laser-focused on your messaging, define objectives for each of your customer groups, and discover the acquisition, growth and retention strategies that will take your business to the next level.

This is one of our specialisms at Iconic and a reason why we’re often retained by our clients to handle their ongoing marketing needs.

Making your brand iconic

We want your brand to resonate with customers, to reflect their beliefs and to stay relevant always. Together, we’ll pinpoint your purpose and give you a competitive advantage in order to bring out your star potential. We offer the following brand strategy services:

Brand positioning

Discover who your brand needs to reach, why and how, as well as how to stand out from your competitors with a clear brand identity.

Strategic brand planning

Have the confidence of a long-term plan to adapt your brand to a changing environment and achieve goals that will attract loyal customers.

Objective setting

Identify the strategic goals of your brand so you know exactly what you need to achieve and why.

Pricing strategy

Establish the right price for a product or service to achieve short-term and long-term profitability.

Acquisition, growth and retention strategies

Set clear plans for reaching new customers, growing your existing customer base and retaining existing customers. Ultimately, we want to identify how you can turn customers into brand advocates who will shout their love of your business from the rooftops.

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