Brand Design

Create a brand identity that instantly appeals to your target audience.

People respond to the ‘know-like-trust’ factor. They seek out brands that reflect their own values and find confidence in knowing what to expect. We’ll help you distil your brand strategy and insights into a magnetic brand design.

Make your brand instantly recognisable across all platforms and marketing mediums.

Why work with us?


Creative brand design that stands out in the marketplace

Your brand design needs to communicate your brand proposition in a simple, unique and memorable way. Creating a distinctive personality that resonates with your target audience is key. The next step is to apply it consistently across multimedia.

Get this right and people will have the same sense of your brand regardless of how they first come into contact with it and at every touchpoint in the customer journey.


A fast track to your dream customers

A successful brand has to connect, reflect its audience’s values, possibly entertain and definitely inform. People want to see themselves (or how they would like to be) reflected in a brand. It’s this feeling of being seen and understood that creates customer loyalty. We can help you develop a brand that speaks straight to the needs and desires of the people who are most likely to turn into loyal customers.


Clear brand guidelines

After developing a strong brand, it’s vital that it doesn’t get diluted over time, especially if you have different people within your team making content. We’ll produce a clear set of brand guidelines to ensure that the visual elements of your brand are used correctly and applied across all marketing channels, along with the tone of voice and words used to describe your products and services.

Iconic brand design services

As fun as it would be, we’re not magicians here at Iconic. Every design we create is firmly rooted in data-driven insights into consumer behaviour, the marketplace and what motivates people to buy. That being said, our designers do add a sprinkle of magic, creating brand designs that captivate. We offer the following brand design services:

Brand name creation

A brand name is usually the most long-lasting element of any brand so it’s important to get yours right. After learning as much as possible about your business, we brainstorm a selection of distinctive, unique and memorable brand names that communicate your brand essence. We also offer a service where we can check a brand name’s availability for use across a variety of digital platforms.

Logo creation

Your business needs an inspirational and memorable logo that encapsulates the essence of your brand identity. Once briefed, we’ll produce several logo designs to help you choose the one that best communicates your brand’s key message and personality.

Brand visual identity

Presenting your brand to the outside world and also to your employees can be a daunting task. We can help you visualise your brand identity through your website, brochures, stationery, advertising, social media and other marketing materials for a professional and bang-on-strategy look and feel.

Brand guidelines

For your brand to be instantly recognisable and stand out from your competitors, it needs to be consistent. We can produce guidelines for your core brand elements, including where and how your logo is used, colour palette, typography, imagery and tone of voice.

Website design & build

We design and build websites that not only provide a great user experience but also show your business in its best light and fit with your business goals. Need help finding the right words to appeal to your customers? We can help with that too!

An Iconic Brand website looks stunning, is easy to use and has strong interaction with its intended audiences. Our sites also work seamlessly across all screen sizes and devices.

Design of all marketing collateral

Your brand needs powerful and eye-catching marketing collateral that reflects your brand identity across all media. We make sure that every design delivers.

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