Brand Insight

Discover how to turn your brand into a customer magnet

Knowing how your brand is performing is essential. What do your existing and potential customers think about it? Do they trust it or find it confusing? What makes it different from your competitors? We help you answer these questions and many more with tangible evidence and data.

Develop a brand that aligns perfectly with your audience’s needs and gives you a leading edge

Why work with us?


No more guess work! Build your brand strategy on measured, provable insights

Although a brilliant brand has to create an emotional connection with customers, it needs to be rooted in science and driven by data too. We’ll help you bring the tangible and intangible together, combining qualitative, quantitative and digital research with strong creative thinking so you know your brand will resonate with the right people.


More than metrics

Yes, we’ll measure metrics around brand awareness, brand perception, brand integrity and trust, and your brand’s value proposition – it’s vital that you know what’s working and what isn’t.

But we’ll also go beyond these metrics to help you test developments such as potential design routes and packaging, based on what will motivate your target customers the most. Nothing is left to chance.


Leading-edge research tools and techniques

From consumer communities and AI analysis to psychographics and social media research, we use a vast range of the most modern and leading-edge research tools and techniques to give you accurate insights into your brand.

The complete picture of how your business is performing - and how to grow from here

It’s amazing how transformative brand insight can be to your business. It can tell you what works, highlight new opportunities, change how you talk about your business and revolutionise your offering.

What you need from this service will depend on where your business is right now and your plans for the future. There isn’t a one-size-fits all. You might need some or all of the following brand insight services:

 Deep consumer and customer understanding

We help you get to know your target customers, who they are and what makes them tick. This is about more than standard demographics. You’ll get in-depth insight into what drives your audience and why they’ll buy from you. This information can be distilled into a brand and communication plan, as well as product development and innovation.

 Innovation and product development

We bring product developers and consumers together to ensure that your new products and concepts elevate your brand above the competition.

 New product positioning and concept testing

Test how your proposed products perform with consumers and compare to similar products before they’re manufactured. This will help you pinpoint the products that are most likely to succeed and how to position them, giving your business a competitive advantage.

 Messaging and brand story testing

Create brand messages and the brand story that strikes a chord with your customers. You’ll know what resonates and how what you say influences purchase intent.

 Packaging development

Packaging can make or break a product. Done well, it should clearly communicate your brand positioning and the perceived customer benefits. When backed by proven brand insights, you can be confident that your packaging will perform in terms of look, feel, usability and more. We’ll test it on and offline too to make sure!

 Competitor analysis and strategy development

Tap into measurable data about how your competitors are performing. Confirm what makes your brand different and define its unique selling points. We will work with you to create or refine a brand strategy that will successfully grow your business.

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